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Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

Any application that needs vacuum requires the integration of the vacuum pump in the process itself. Superior application know-how and many years of experience are essential for a solution that satisfies the technical demands of your industry.

Typically, if a new application comes up at a customer’s, our team of experienced application engineers will work with the customer or the machine manufacturer to find a smart solution that best answers your demands.


With many decades of experience in the food and beverage industry we will partner with you to find solutions for all of your compressed air needs in your plants. Solutions that combine technical excellence with maximum performance at lowest life cycle costs.

High Quality Compressed Air
The quality of compressed air used in the food industry is of utmost importance as even the slightest traces of contamination can result in altered or polluted product batches and the risk of health hazards for consumers.

To ensure best practice, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) established a new class of air quality for sensitive industries such as food and beverage. Known as Class 0, it is the most stringent air quality class, limiting oil contamination in liquids, aerosols and vapors.

All Gardner Denver compressors used in the food
and beverage industry satisfy the demands of Class 0.

Gardner Denver's CompAir engineers were instrumental in the development of the international standards for compressed air quality.

High Pressure Compressors

Gardner Denver's High Pressure experts have the ability to understand the specific application requirements for the food and beverage industry and are committed to provide smart solutions for your complex needs.

Our high pressure reciprocating com-pressors can provide lubricated air or gas through our Reavell and GD brands, or oil free air or gas through our Belliss & Morcom brands.

Key Benefits

  • Low power consumption
  • Small compact footprint
  • High operating efficiency
  • High quality air
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Experienced design engineers
  • Excellent process and application understanding
  • Adaptable and vast product range
  • Dedicated CEP production cells

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